Crystal Spheres

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Crystal Spheres⚡️ 25-30mm 

Rose Quartz- unconditional love, harmony, trust. The Love Stone.

Clear Quartz- divine energy, amplification, clarity. The Master Healer.

Tigers Eye- protection, courage, power. 

Amethyst- protection, cleansing, intuition, and calming. 

Obsidian- protection, energy, grounding, purification.  

Dragons Blood- courage, recovery, vitality, strength. 

Citrine- joy, abundance, clarity, creativity, will power. The stone of Happiness. 

Smoky Quartz- protection, grounding, purification, calming, manifestation. 

Sodalite- intuition, truth, self-esteem. The stone of deep insight. 


The stone chooses you 💫🤍