Lemmy Anklet

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The anklet with a story 🐾 

Inspired by a wild, free spirited pup. Who loves to adventure, Chase tail feathers, run with all the colors of the wind🌈🪶☀️


Lemmy barrels in one evening while I'm working on suncatchers. Excited to see her Mama, her big nose knocks and entire box of beads onto the carpet. I had a rough day prior, but instead of getting irritated, I couldn't help but break out into laughter.  So we laid on the floor for hours, strings beads, smiling at the mess, and creating from the chaos. 

Lemmy reminds us to just have fun with life, and Roll with whatever comes our way 🤸‍♀️

~10.5inch in length. 12k gold clasps, vintage/upcycled beads, brass feather charm.