Seasonal Seed Packs

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How lovely is the silence of growing things 🌱✨️

Enjoy a variety of seed packs grown and harvested with love from my garden to yours. 

♡ Giant Sunflowers- Annual. 20 seeds. Great background for garden spaces, fields, etc. Sunflowers are also a hyperaccumulator, they help detoxify your soils/enviroment.  Can grow up to 10ft!

♡Zinnias- Annual. 50seeds. Great filler. Lovely in middle garden spaces. Blooms in multiple colors. 

♡Pink Canna Lily- Perennial. 10 seeds. Great backdrop or middle plant in garden growing 3-5 feet. Offers great foliage to other flowers. Enjoy Cannas year after year as they return. 

♡Clematis- Perennial. 25 seeds.  Climbing Vine. Great addition to any garden space. Enjoy year after year as they return. 

♡Each pack comes with instructions. 

♡Home Grown and Harvested.

♡pesticide free/fertilizer free

Often, pack may include more seeds than listed 😉