Garden Fairy Bandanas

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 Garden Fairy Bandanas🧚‍♀️ Multiple Designs 


◇inspired by a secret garden cove, and all the magic of nature. Perfect for your spring wardrobe 🌱🌸✨️


◇Crochet bandanas with beaded adornments. Upcycled, vintage beads, charms, and various stones/crystals. 


◇Support two artist in one order 🤍 this is a collaborative piece. Crochet work by Hailey of Seven South Craftworks, beading magic by Seraphia ✨️

☀️Sol - vintage/upcycled beading, citrine, amazonite, and glass floral beads. 

🍑Just Peachy- vintage/upcycled beading, citrine, and amazonite.

💜In Bloom- vintage/upcycled beading, amethyst, tourmaline, and citrine. 

💠Sweet Hydrangea- vintage/upcycled beads, amethyst, rose quartz, and banded Agate. 

🌱 Garden Fairy- vintage/upclyed beading, citrine, and tourmaline.